James Alexander Bright’s music is as visual a voyage as it is a sonic one; a kaleidoscope of colours that swirl, swoon, soar and sing. Stepping into his musical world is a multi-sensory experience, one where smooth grooves, wonky rhythms, dreamy melodies and immersive atmospheres coalesce to form their own sphere. “Sound as vision,” says Bright of the audio aesthetic he relates to and aims for. “Music you can bite into.”

Based in the Hampshire countryside and an illustrator by day, Bright’s world is often a dual one but one where elements overlap and inform one another. “I spend a lot of my day creating things visually and everyday life can be an assault on the senses,” says Bright. “Evening is my quiet time; time for my ears. Invariably I’m inspired by the things that people and creatures do in the dark.”

This creative duality extends beyond just the visual and the music too. It’s found deep rooted in the music itself, which explores a mix between lo-fi and hi-fi, possessing an intimate bedroom recording-like quality but with production that sounds glowing and golden.

“Headroom offers blissful choruses, sweetly nagging refrains and a lo-fi sensibility. It will be hard not to love”
Daryl Easlea, Mojo

“Intoxicating debut…highly evocative sun-dappled soul”
Johnny Sharp, Uncut 

“Manages to cram all the musical styles I love into a warm and fuzzy electric blanket. Sounds fresh, on point, and very much his own. I think you could say I’m a big fan.”
Tom Findlay, Groove Armada

“Moves stylishly through psychedelic patterns and multicoloured textures, it retains a compelling emotional depth and integrity. On top of that it’s catchy and really grooves!”
Jack Wyllie, Portico Quartet

“I’m seriously impressed. You’ve made this soul sound fresh as f**k. A timeless record.”
Aaron Fletcher, The Bees  

“Channelling Laurel Canyon, via the coast of Hayling Island, James Alexander Bright manages to incorporate studio trickery, songwriting modernism and some serious singing chops into one exceptional album. One to watch.”
Bill Brewster

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