FLOAT BUY/STREAM HERE! With emotive soul, woozy synths, warm harmonies, lo-fi electronics, and softly strummed guitars permeating throughout the ten tracks; ‘Float’ dreams of open spaces, warm surroundings, and a place to find comfort and peace both inside and out. Tracklist: 1. Drink This Water 2. Soul 3. Wheels Keep Turning 4. Ice Cold 5. […]


HEADROOM Headroom by James Alexander Bright BUY/STREAM HERE! Headroom touches upon, in James’ own words, 60’s sunshine doo-wop, mutant disco, and mystic mountain top vibes. It’s an album that explores a great deal yet even amidst its dualities it retains a sense of cohesion throughout.  “I think there is a good balance around experimentation on […]

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