“The songs-proper that decorate the laptop-driven fantasias of James Alexander Bright stick, and they help open up music that, left to its own devices, is usually just as inviting. So does Bright’s husky croon—like a weathered Junior Boys: slightly goofy, slightly aggrieved” Bandcamp

“Bounces like a soul-infused collaboration between Flying Lotus and Toro Y Moi” SPIN

“Warm, woozy and relaxed electronica” Record Collector

“Expect warped and weird outpouring of ideas; electronica re-imagined in the shape of his outlandish dreams” Goldflake Paint

“Delightful. A real piece of work” Electronic Sound

“Intriguing…delightfully odd” Clash

“Whereas most male solo singer-songwriters around his age seem hellbent on flooding the world with introverted sad bangers, Bright clearly has a bit of imagination” Dummy Mag

“Neo soul, psychedelic outbursts, vintage synths and a whole heap of ideas…indicates there is plenty more to come from the talented James Alexander Bright” DJ Mag